The Idea of a Second Heart.
45 min.

Premiere 2.7.2019 Ufer Studios, Berlin

Performance by Ana Lessing Menjibar in collaboration with Philipp Kullen (Sound); Vera Köppern (Dramaturgic Advisor); Paul Snowden (Space), Silke Faber (Costume) and Thorsten Kosellek (Light Advisor); and with the support of Angela Schubot (Mentor), Nik Haffner (Mentor) and Rhys Martin (Tutor).

Inside the womb, we start to hear at the age of 4 months. We hear the sounds of our mother’s body: the pumping of her blood, the tide of her breath, the murmur of her bowels, her heartbeat. We feel them vibrating through our entire body. Once we become a single body, the first thing we miss is the rhythm- the rhythm of a second body.
Then we grow into our own inner multitude of rhythms, orchestrating the rhythms of our walking, dancing, speaking, laughing and crying. Our rhythms constantly encounter with those of the outside world, of spaces we inhabit, of our relationships and politics. We coexist with them and tune our bodies to them. And sometimes, those rhythms clash.