LASS MICH EIN TIER SEIN, 2017 (Let me be an animal) 
Video, 15:30 min.
Edition 6 + 2 AP

Performance & Video by Ana Lessing Menjibar

“Let me be an animal”, is a work in which the artist creates body sculptures, shaping her body with the stone. Like an animal, she dwells in this idyll of nature until it darkens. She tries to cling to the stone, to cover herself with nature, to petrify her body so that she is camouflaged – inseparable, indifferentiable, indistinguishable. Despite her efforts, the artist remains a foreign body in nature. The silence and her body positions are interrupted by the constant appearing buzzing and vibrations of a mobile phones reception.

Let me be an animal!…. But, I am not allowed.

Video stills