MOOSGRÜN, VERSCHLUCK MICH, 2018 (Moss green, swallow me up) 
2-channel Videoinstallation, 20:00 min
Edition 6 + 2 AP

With and by Emma Grün & Ana Lessing Menjibar

My body seems redundant like an empty gesture.
The space around me, unnaturally white.
And if my feet were grasshoppers?
If the colors of the ocean were mine – would ants come to live in me?
If I dress in white could I sleep on top of a wave?
Someone is following me.
Or am I stalking myself?

For two weeks Emma Grün & Ana Lessing Menjibar withdrew to a secluded house in Sweden. In interaction with nature, they improvised, sought the unknown and developed an artistic dialogue without words. Without hierarchies. Without script. Without directing. The resulting video installation shows the juxtaposition of two artificial characters in search of a body language of their own, surreal and bizarre, at times very quiet.

Text by Mikala Hyldig Dal

Video stills