3 channel video loop, 7.11 min.
Edition 6 + 2 AP

Performance & Video by Ana Lessing Menjibar

Seguiriya is a performance piece by the artist shown as a 7.11 min three channel video loop. In this piece, the artist explores the boundaries and relationship between body and time by using her own body to form a sculpture encased in a cocoon like skin. She stays in the body sculpture until she breaks down. This process repeats itself forwards and backwards in an infinite loop through a dissolution and recreation process. The breakdown is a deconstruction as well as a synthesis. A circle of autopoiesis. ad infinitum. A circle of birth, death and rebirth.

This artwork adopts its name from Seguiriya which is an old flamenco music- and dance form dedicated to the death and pain in life – one of the deepest and most solemn dances. Seguiriya is one of a series of works by the artist that take themes from Flamenco as their starting points.

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